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Where to eat?

In the house a fully equipped kitchen offers a facility to the self-service. Those who prefer the outdoor-eating, the cauldron area (equipped with the cauldron and spits) is available.

The "mini-ABC" in the direct neighborhood of the guesthouse is the particularly useful for the self-service, where the food can be purchased every day.
Those who like the vegetables and fruits it is worth to visit the CILI Vitamin House in Sárvár (address: Sárvár, 18th Batthyány Street)! In the shop of our family undertaking the visitors can choose from the assortment of fresh, high quality and affordable fruits and vegetables.

Cili vendégház
Cili vendégház
Cili vendégház
Cili vendégház

As an other eating out possibility we recommend you the restaurant Várkapu in Sárvár, where guests accommodated by us via the guest card will receive a 10% discount.

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