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Attractions in the area

It is worth to plan several days of rest in Csénye, because beyond the bathing facility in Sárvár located four kilometers far from here, a number of attractions and tourist destinations are waiting for you in the surroundings. From these we offer you a taste.
The imaginary center of the trips will be always Csénye (Sárvár suburb). Have a good adventure!

4 km

Sárvár is located in beautiful natural surroundings, in the Raba valley, situated among the hills of Kemeneshát. With its natural beauty, beautiful castle, musical and cultural events and a variety of leisure activities it provides real holiday.

Nádasdy castle


The landmark of Sárvár is the Nádasdy castle built in the middle ages. With his typical gate-tower and the arched bridge over the moat, it is part of the national heritage.
The renaissance castle is surrounded by plane trees taking place in the park, which was formed at the place of the former moat. The castle, with its irregular pentagonal courtyard houses in nice weather open-air concerts, cultural programs, festivals, and popular fairs.

Besides the castle there is the 16-acre arboretum where there are many rare plants, more than 350 trees and shrubs. The oaks and yews are several hundred years old.
On the main square on the side of the city hall, the lovely music of more than 20 smaller bells amuses the visitors. In the middle of the square there is a playful fountain, which refers to the very close relationship between the city and the waters.
The square is dominated by the Church of St. Ladislaus parish. Behind the church in the two-storey nursery building taught at that time Géza Gárdonyi.

The first book printed in Hungarian in our country was born in Sárvár, which is the New Testament (1541) translated by János Sylvester. Sebestyén Lantos Tinódi the traveling historian found also his home in Sárvár.

The boating lake consisting of seven lakes, the bank of river Rába, the Wildgarden, the castle area with woods and groves offer attractions for all age-groups. Who desire for active recreation, they can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings for cycling, fishing, hunting, horseback riding and hiking. The river Rába is ideal for rafting tours.

The attractiveness of the city is increased by the high-class cultural programs, such as the International Folklore Festival, the annually organized international brass band meeting, the Simon-Judas Country Fair and the Historic days.
Only 6 kilometers far from the town can be found the unique sport center of the region, the Pannonia Ring, where international motor and car races are organized for amateurs and professionals alike.

Nádasdy Vár



Folklore days

Rába water tour


Brass Band Festival

St. Ladislaus parish

Cavalryman meeting


25 km

Szombathely is especially rich in Romanesque monuments and baroque buildings. For families with children have to visit the Adventure City, empire of toys. The Savaria Historical Carnival is a real time travel, where visitors may get acquainted with the history of Savaria. Every August the town is populated by the army of Celtic warriors, Roman soldiers, gladiators, archers, jugglers, and stilted men.

44 km

Kőszeg is the jewel of the region. The winding roads, charming little houses literally overwhelm the visitors. In the fresh, clean air every people wish to walk to the Írottkő, the Seven Wells, the Óház observation tower, or to the Styrian houses.

35 km

You have certainly heard from the small artisan workshops of Őrség (Guard), and the heavenly dishes produced without additive food. Visit the home of the Hungarian uniqum, pumpkin seed oil and honey! In Ják can be found the famous church of St. György built in late Romanesque style.

64 km

Sopron is one of the oldest jewelry towns of our country. The landmark of the city is the fire tower. During the visit you should seek out the Storno house because it is one of the most beautiful buildings of Sopron. Of course there are also many attractions, such as the goat church, the Pharmacy Museum, the Frabricius house, etc.

Enjoy the fresh air of the trees in the Lőverek waiting for the nature lovers among the rolling hills, quiet valleys, seven lakes and 20 rivers and more than 40 sources. The six observation tower of the Lőverek offer majestic view to the surrounding countryside.

48 km

Sümeg - about half an hour distance by car from Sárvár - is a very popular tourist destination. The scenic surroundings, the historical and cultural monuments going back high to the past, the atmospheric townscape and the beautifully restored castle attract plenty of tourists. At the foot of the castle regularly take place castle games and knight tournaments combined with medieval feasting. The museums, castles, castle theatres, castle games and interesting programs evoke the antique days.


Őrség (Guard)

Ság mountain

Szombathely- Savaria Karnevál
Szombathely- Zsinagóga

Savaria Carnival




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