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9611 Csénye, Deák u. 50. 
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Address: H-9611 Csénye, 50th Deák Road

Sárvár can be approached by car through the main road 84 and 88. You have to go from Sárvár to the direction of Ikervár, after a kilometer getting off to the right, and after driving for a further 3km you will reach the sign Csénye. Then you have to go straight to 200 meters, then at the first option beyond the cemetery turn sharply to the right! At next option in front of the first small chapel turn to the left! This is already the Deák Road! Approximately 100 meters far on the left side you will catch the well-known sight of the thatched houses which means being at best place!

By Google routing and GPS is even easier to approach us. By Google routing and GPS is even easier to approach us.

Guests will be escorted for the first at the accommodation.

Csénye coordinates: latitude 47.23653° east longitude 16.87221°

Sárvár can directly be reached by train from Budapest and from Szombathely. Schedule HERE:
Railway schedule

The Vasi Volán bus services ensure getting from Sárvár to Csénye. Schedule HERE:
Bus schedule

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